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From week to week singing students progress especially with direction and feedback.  After realising that singing tunefully and with expression is achievable through practise and guidance, I watch individuals flourish and play with new vocal possibilities.  For young people - playing with music foundations and variety are important and for adults - singing with songs that are enjoyable and within the singers skill set is too.   Over time and with awareness students begin to control their voices to craft the sounds they wish to.  My job is to celebrate students abilities - bringing to light the skills they already have and then guide students attention to what else is possible.

I help people preparing for something special, people who always wanted to sing and for those who want to have singing regularly in their life.  To date I have been thrilled to see students get roles from their audition preparations, travel overseas to represent NZ, sing at their weddings, sing in school productions, write songs, join choirs and recover their voices from misuse and stress.  

It's been over 16 years since I started teaching singing but I began training myself 34 years ago.  I'm most interested in how the voice works and supporting singers to maximise their abilities.  I value singing as a means to tell stories that connect with audiences and I think holistically, so I have adopted the Te Tapa Wha model of understanding a students needs and the ongoing learning for performing artist.  

My Qualifications: P.G.Dip. Music Studio Teaching, B.Performing Art (Music Theatre), NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Cert. Adult Education, Cert Laughter Yoga Leader.    

 Styles I teach: Contemporary, Music Theatre, Folk, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Waiata Maori

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An interview about Singing, Songwriting and having the best job ever.

Lesson Fees

Mondays-Wednesdays - Phillipstown

& Thursdays - Halswell

30 minute lessons = $35 

These sessions are good for young people and individuals who take up 2 sessions a week in preparation for particular outcomes. 

45 minute lessons = $50 

A usual time for technique and applying new learnings to prepare songs.


These sessions offer vocal theory instruction, exercises, harmony singing and the opportunity to perform, gain feedback and get better at singing amongst like minded people.  The Sing Gym Sessions provide instruction as well as activities and singing workouts are for developing singers over the term.

Term III, 2019: 10 weeks of SingGym $100

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